Really Last Minute Halloween Costumes!!

I must say, I’ve been slacking on blog posts! It’s definitely not because I’m ignoring WordPress, I simply haven’t had time to do anything besides soccer and homework… Anyway, I thought I’d get something up for Halloween.. better late than never right?
There’s no need to go and buy a pre-made outfit where you pay for things that can be found in your closet or DIY’ed. Whether you have a bit of time or plenty of time homemade costumes are the way to go. Although I’m really late on the band wagon, here’s some really last minute Halloween costumes!!

Box of chocolate
•big box

• paint
•tools to cut holes


Mary Poppins
•white collared shirt
•knee length black skirt
•long black coat
•top hat with flowers


Army personnel

• wear lots of dark and natural colors

• camouflage everything!

• themed hat (obviously optional) and of course combat boots!

IMG_7077FullSizeRender patternIMG_7090

Bringing fashion back (2 outfit ideas)

• anything bright (if you want to travel back in time, ask your grandma if you can go in her closet!!)

• leg warmers

• hair in ponytail with a bright headband on  forehead

FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender cleats

Sports outfit

• team jersey

•  athletic shorts, yes most people wear short shirts although soccer players usually don’t in reality!

•  high sports socks

• turf shoes, basketball shoes, tennis shoes, whatever fits your “costume”


School girl

• plaid skirt
• knee high socks
• white collared shirt
• tie and cardigan (optional)
• matching shoes such as flats

These were just a few ideas I put together in an hour or so. There’s so so many other ideas as well as making DIY costumes. I inserted a few links below to give you even more inspiration. For those of you who live in a cooler climate like myself, adding a jacket to any of these should be sufficient.  And of course, another thing in the need lists for all is a bit of inspiration & creativity! Hope everyone has an enjoyable and fun Halloween as well as a safe one at that!! I’ll talk to you all next week or on the weekend in my next post!

Cloe Couture (30 ideas)
♥ Brookie
P.S. I’m in the process of creating a new site with my own domain thanks to the help of my wonderful aunt. I’ll be sure to keep updates on twitter, Instagram and my next post!

Inspiration: Inspiring you to sleep more?

Tonight’s honestly been one of the most relaxing week nights I’ve had in awhile. With that said, I’d love if each and every one of you were relaxed too. Since my blog’s name does include “inspire”, and I haven’t seemed to display anything inspiring, I’d like to change that up. How about inspiring you to sleep more?

A blog post about sleep? Boring right? Well,not so much actually. Did you know that your brain doesn’t shut off when you sleep? Not only that, but you cycle through four stages (Non-REM 1, Non-REM 2, Non-REM 3 & REM sleep) before you wake up. Quick side note, REM stands for rapid eye movement for anyone wondering. So your eyes are basically dancing while you sleep! Everyone has an internal circadian clock that delegates the amount of time these stages take. Another important part of sleeping is dreaming. You don’t just dream for no reason, dreams are actually necessary and really important to have. What’s also cool is the fact that dreams act as a safety valve for wish fulfillment and fantasies that wouldn’t happen in real life. Lastly, did you know that your brain is powerful enough to keep your body practically paralyzed while you sleep? For instance, have you ever had a dream where you’re running and throwing something. Well, a part of your brain prevents your body from actually moving while you dream of these actions. Anyway, now that I’ve bored you with this psychology lesson, hopefully something was learned.

But in all seriousness, sleep is much more important then you may think. Sleeping allows us to recuperate by restoring and repairing brain tissues. Think of it as going to the spa, except for your brain, it gives the same outcome, you feeling refreshed and better. Sleeping also allows us to think creatively and have a more active long term memory. As well, a hormone called cortisol also increases when you’re sleep deprived which tells the body to make fat. Yes, having little sleep can not only decrease your grades, but can cause weight gain!!

With all that said, doesn’t it sound like a good idea to get enough sleep? Even though it’s something hard to go to bed early and stay off electronics (the artificial light can alter circadian cycle), it’s so important to get at least 8 hours of sleep. Anyway, I won’t ramble on anymore, but I thought I’d share. So go to bed!!!!!


For now, I’m going to go to bed early for once. Goodnight,

♥ Brookie

Who would have thought that putting your head on your pillow and closing your eyes aids in helping not only your brain, but your grades and mood.

Friday’s ootd: blog worthy

There’s honestly so many things that I’m itching to post and write! Unfortunately at the moment, my free time is limited. Yes I should have posted Tuesday but then again.. that math homework was pretty important! Anyway… I’ll be publishing a post for my two thanksgiving outfits this weekend since I have two dinners to attend. For now, I thought I’d share my ootd that I got numerous compliments from on.


Jean shirt: H & M

White tee-shirt: Ardenes

Camo jeans: Urban Behaviour

Shoes: Ardenes

Necklace: Urban Planet

Most of these clothing items are fairly mainstream and can be found virtually anywhere. I got this outfit from online inspiration  and it gave me a blogger feel! Anyway, goos night to everyone heading to bed and wishing everyone else a wonderful day 🙂


(Mini) Fall Photoshoot Pictures

Within the last week, the  weather has been really nice and that called for a mini fall photo shoot of course! Since I’ve been under the weather, I thought I’d simply just share some of these photos with you.








These are just some of the many cute pictures we took, Due to privacy, I didn’t add some pictures because I wanted to get confirmation from some of the girls first. Make sure to let me know if I should do more posts like these..there might be some more picture downloading on the way. Happy reading (..or blogging!).

Until next Tuesday (..or maybe sooner!!),

♥ Brookie

PS. Be on the lookout for part deux!

2015 Fall Essentials


Yesterday was the Autumnal Equinox, better know as the first day of Autumn. Depending on where you live it will differ, but us Canadians have entered this time of the year and even the Google homepage was evident to that! It’s time to pull out all those cute sweaters and pumpkin spice scented candles. To make this season enjoyable, think of little things pertaining to fall that’ll make you smile. I know that I love to simply walk down the road with colored leaves falling around me, eating the first slice of pumpkin pie and cuddling up with a blanket & a cup of tea. Not only is it a good idea to mentally prepare for autumn, it’s also a good idea to gather up and know the right fall essentials.


black dress outfit
Dress: Joe ll Jean jacket: thrift store! ll Scarf: Old Navy ll Boots: Payless Shoes

casual outfit
Jacket: the tag is off & it was a gift ll Shirt: Ardene ll Jeans: Old Navy ll Bag: my mom’s closet

white jeans outfit
Shirt & Jeans: Ardene ll Ring: Michael Hill ll Shoes: (can’t be seen) Payless Shoes ll Jacket: I’d wear a leather one

This super fluffy infinity scarf that I purchased from Old Navy last year has definitely made an appearance with my outfits lately. I highly recommend purchasing one for yourself if you like to wear scarves!

flannel  camo pant outfit

Two other clothing must haves would have to be flannels, I personally love bigger ones that are comfy, and a pair of camo pants are definitely nice to have your wardrobe!

Fall Décor


Like myself, my room is still going through the fall transition. As a quick, throw-on-the-dresser type thing, I placed a fall themed box that I made last year. If you don’t want to spend a dime, gather up a recycled box and use any paint & stickers around the house. I also spray painted leaves and used them as stamps. Currently I don’t have it on my dresser, but I also put some brightly colored leaves in a mason jar and I added some autumn colored candies! They are called tear drop candies and a word of caution, they’re super sour!! I’ll be DIY’ing a few others things and I’ll be sure to make a post in the near future for that.



Lastly, I gathered an assortment of essentials that I thought are worth sharing for this season. Little black booties are a must, because they go with everything and so is having a cute sweater (love the crocheted bottom). The nail polishes aren’t my favorites but I love the colors which you can find at many different places. The little brown thing in the middle is gold dust which I like to use sometimes so my face doesn’t look super pale and to make it shimmer. The brown bottle is shower gel, but it has a cocoa bean scent, the scrunchies are great to spice up ponytails and the necklace has arrows on it, but I love the design.

As some of you may know, this blog post was done as a collab with Brittany Fenton where she shared her Spring Essentials. I love love love her blog because it’s super cute and she has some great posts! Be sure to check out her blog which I’ll link to her Essentials picture below as well as a link will be typed below that. As well, she’s a Youtuber so make sure to check out her channel.


Brittany’s Blog:

Talk to you next Tuesday,

♥ Brookie

Current Favorites for September

All my sweaters, jackets, jeans & boots are official out and in business now… Yes that means fall is slowly creeping up. Not to mention all the leaves on the ground. I feel as if it’s my duty to start posting fall related things now by jumping on the band wagon. Before hand, id like to share a few of my current favorites. Be on the look out though because GUESS what! I’m doing a collab with a new blogging friend of mine. Brittany has the cutest blog and I’m so excited for Friday! More updates to come, but for now….

These aren’t in order by any means…


• Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse
In other words, a new foundation that I picked up a few weeks ago that I absolutely love! I’m not a beauty guru by any means, but this stuff is good for people who have oily/sensitive skin (aka me) and it doesn’t look cakey. Plus, it’s definitely on the cheaper end of the spectrum.
• Elf eyelash curler
I never thought I’d be one to curl my eyelashes but this beauty tool definitely makes my eyes look bigger!
• Herbal Essence Dry Shampoo
Ever since I started using shampoo, my mom picked this up for me and I swear by it.


• PINK sweatshirt
Yes for those of you who follow me on Instagram this is the same one that I posted. It was actually one of my best thrift shop purchasers. So comfy & cute!
• Ardenes furry boots
While on the subject of comfy, I’d recommend to any these adorable boots. You can wear them 2 different ways and it feels like you’re wearing slippers. These may be included in my upcoming fall post!


• Gillian Candy Company stick candy
These candies are so cute and quite tasty. They’re almost like candy canes except they come in multiple yummy flavors. My favorite is root beer!
• XTREME portable phone charger
This favorite is slightly random, but if you have a phone & you don’t have one of these, I’d totally advise getting one. Especially if you travel lots or you use your phone lots in school.

I may or may not be doing a part 2 to this, but I know that this will get published and I’ll regret not adding one or two things. However, as of now these are my current favorites that I just had to share with yall.

Make sure to check my twitter (Life2Blog) and my Instagram (Lifetime2Inspire) for my collaboration in 2 DAYS time!

Happy Blogging,

♥ Brookie

Back to School With Brookie: First day outfit

This week is all about getting back to the grind and surprisingly (so far) it’s not that difficult. Fortunately, I had options for my first day outfit and had it hung up for today. It’s super helpful to put together some outfits and hang them up so they’re ready to go.

So, for the first day of school I went by the three C’s. Casual, Comfortable and cute. Although first impressions are important, generally the key is to wear your “better” outfit the second day. This especially applies to those with half days. Anyway, I went simple, with all aspects of my outfit coming from Ardenes. My mom and I came across some incredible deals there and made many outfits. However neither my jacket or my necklace came from Ardenes….




Have a great rest of the night (or day)!

♥ Brookie


Back to School With Brookie: Night Routine

Today I’ve been doing some thinking…. Or maybe Mean Girls has just got to me. On another note, today’s post isn’t going to be deep but more low key. With some of us going to school next week and other already attending everyone has it on their mind. The night before school starts is especially stressful. With that said, here’s some ideas for a possible night routine.

Go for a run or do a workout this’ll give you a feeling of productivity

Do your nails

Take a quick shower & hop in a warm bubble bath

In the bath read a book, it’ll transfer you into a different place with no worry

Drink some tea

Make sure your bag is packed

Have your first day outfit planned to perfection

Prepare breakfast (if you can) so it’s easier in the morning

Double check that you’re alarm is set & put it across the room

Place any makeup or other product out on the counter so you don’t have to look for stuff in the morning

Go to bed early!!!!!

All these things should aid in a relaxing and stress-free night. I hope everyone has a good first day and if you’re already in school, then I hope you have a good rest of the week!

♥ Brookie

Back to School With Brookie: Room Prep


A few days ago, I was contemplating the fact that it’s about time to get my room in order before school time comes around! Fortunately, this is neither a difficult or boring task. I attempted to search some inspiration online, however I only got a few ideas. With that said, this post is just one more area where you can find ideas if you’d like some 😉 As a quick note, I wasn’t able to do too much more with my side tables since I have limited space!

The first idea that came to mind was one of the most obvious and simplest things you could do… Simply fill a mason jar with pencils, pens, etc. to have your supplies easily accessible. I labeled mine, but due to time I didn’t get a chance to make it as cute as I wanted it to be!


Next, I remembered that we have a classy looking black tray in my cupboards, so I realized that it would make the perfect organizer for my perfumes. Not only that, but it totally suits my room and looks fabulous. I also added a few of my favorite jewelry pieces so I don’t have to always scrounge through my box to find them. I then threw my “Beauty & Brains” sign behind it, partly because I didn’t know where else to put it!

perfume tray

After organizing this display (I’m quite proud of the results!), my mind was still thinking of other things to prepare my room for school. That’s when it hit me, I had a wooden loom that I’ve only used once & it was stored under my bed. I also had a stack of books on my bed and I put two and two together. Why not use the loom as a makeshift book holder. I mean, there was no way I was going to make some fancy metal one, so what’s the saying… reduce, REUSE, recycle, right?

book holder

Even though the books stood still on their own, as an extra precaution (and it was a good edition), I used a jar with chocolates in it to finish off the display. Plus, if you didn’t know, eating chocolate while studying helps you process things better! Along with that, I placed a whiteboard behind it to write notes and reminders.

cute magnet whiteboards

Just to give you an overview of some of these ideas, here is a birds eye view of one of my side tables!

sidetable tray

Hope some of these ideas helped, if not, hopefully I can redeem myself with all the other blog posts coming up pertaining to school. As well, not everything will be school related but since school is coming up where I live I’m just getting it out of the way! Since I’ve been posting every Tuesday for the last couple of weeks I plan to continue that. Tuesdays will be our day! Although I’ll probably end up posting in between that time too.

It’s getting a little late and I have a friend waiting to see some of these school prep decorations so it’s time to wrap this up! Thank you for reading and I love love love writing & interacting with you guys.

♥ Brookie

Back to School With Brookie: Supplies

      Guess what? Depending on where you live, we still get 3 weeks of summer!!! And I got my school supplies last week!

      As much as I’m not too over joyed about school starting, there are some perks! I’m not sure about anyone else, but I have this crazy obsession with school supplies. Just the other day my dad dropped my sister and I off with some money at Walmart. I don’t particularly praise Walmart but that’s a whole other topic! Anyway, within 5 minutes we were running around having a blast and of course looking for deals deals deals! And deals we found, 5 cents notebooks, that’s hard to beat. Personally, I love to write, so having a stack of empty notebooks is like Christmas.

      To make things even better, I ran into a dear friend of mine. School supply shopping & my best friend, at the moment, what more could I have asked for?
all suppliesIMG_4295
      The picture above shows my school supplies for the 2015-2016 (almost put 2014-2015!!) school year. Obviously these things can work for any grades, but for anyone wondering this is where I got everything..

Walmart  ⇒  Binders (1 ½ inch + 2 inch) under $20
                  ⇒  Paper 10 cents each (150 sheets)
                  ⇒  Pink erasers
                  ⇒  Colored pens (assortment) under $3
                  ⇒  Red + Blue pens under $5 for both
                  ⇒  Highlighters in assorted colors (pack of 5) under $3
                  ⇒  Polka-dotted agenda $6 (It’s a bit pricey, but I wanted to splurge a bit!)
Staples     ⇒  Pencil case $2
                  ⇒  Clear ruler $1
                  ⇒  Pencils
                  ⇒  Dividers (clear) under $2

      I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and if you’re in school right now, then I hope your school year is going smoothly and hopefully it’s fun! Either this week or next week I’ll be posting tips/life hacks, outfit ideas and maybe even some DIYs!! As well, I have a new “Blogs thoughts Part 2” that I’ve already written but I’m not sure if I’ll be posting it soon if at all. Anyway those were just a few updates, but I loved writing this for you guys as always.

♥ Brookie