Infused Water is Quite Lovely

On such hot days it is super-duper easy to get dehydrated in the heat. Make sure to get some fluid into you for this summer! Although water is the best option, it isn’t a favorite for some people. The average person needs 8 cups a day and yeah who really drinks that much. Well… lately I’ve started and have actually enjoyed it. So what is my point?

I have two simple words for you. Infused water. It’s exactly how it sounds, water with something infused into it. Usually I add strawberries, blueberries, lime, apple or any other fruit. Along with that I plunk some ice cubes into that and bam you have a lovely summer drink. With such a nice drink I like to spice it up by drinking from a mason jar and a colored straw! Surprisingly this is becoming more popular. Don’t do it just because everyone else is, but if this is up your alley, definitely try it. If you want to have this luxury but can’t get a mason jar look below. Lately I haven’t had the time to go s buy some so I put some of my DIY knowledge into action. I simply took a finished pickle jar, washed off the stickers and filled it with the infused water. It’s super straightforward, but makes a delightful touch while letting you drink oodles at a time. And no, that was not autocorrect for noodles!!!


Another option that’s even easier is a cup(s) of pure tea. Not like pure meaning go make it yourself, but pure meaning not adding any condiments into it. Herbal tea or green tea is a good bet as it has some flavor without being temping to add sugar, honey or milk.

As a side note, last night I used a clay mask for the first time. Tbh it was amazing and smelt so good. I only used it because someone gave it to me so I wanted to try it. Homemade ones are definitely an option, but store bought ones are a good alternative. If not I’ll try to find a good homemade one for anyone and any ideas from you would be helpful. Maybe I’ll do a whole post on facial masks eventually. Wow, this wasn’t supposed to be focused on anti-acne ideas, but look how it turned out. All teens do get blemishes and there are some ways like I mentioned to help it out. Ok that was my little piece for that topic for the evening.

Tomorrow I’ll be on the road for a camping trip so there won’t be any updated blog or Instagram stuff. When I’m back in a week, there will be tons to share. For the meantime, setup a tent in your backyard or make a fort with your couch and have a campout “with” me!

❤ Brookie


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