Secrets of Being a Runner

Eyes on the line, eyes on the line. Only one more lap and this torture will be over. Not only do you have a heaving breath and your legs feel like jelly, but you are practically the last one, coming up at the rear…

It’s a true if not proven fact that yes indeed, most people don’t like running or at least have some difficulty with it. Considering the fact that being self motivated is a key ingredient to succeed or even start, that can be an issue at times. As most things in life can be made into a pros and cons list, unfortunately (depending on your preference of disliking  or liking it) running has a list of strictly pros. That’s if you don’t count asthma or having allergies. Not to get too personal, but running when you’re on your period can actually be good for you!

Personally, I can admit that running isn’t my most favored sport, however it can be enjoyable in a quirky kind of way. Just the feeling of pushing yourself to the limit and knowing that you’re helping your body to be the best it can be. Maybe that sounds a little cheesy, but hey that aint worrying me 🙂

So last school year, I was asked by multiple people, how am I so good at running. Why do they ask, well because I’m the first girl during runs. Basically, I like to show the guys whose boss. Any how, I usually reply with an I don’t know because A at times I ask myself the same questions and B I’m pretty humble and at times prefer the topic to be about someone else. Although, I’ve given it some thought and would like to share with you some of my “not so secret” secrets.

Running shoes

1.) Stretching is a good start. Getting a cramp stops/slows anyone down. Having achy bones after is no fun either.

2.) Another thing which is a given would be practicing and keeping in shape. Being successful can’t be accomplished if you don’t run on your own time. Go to a park, set a time and don’t stop until that beeping goes off.

3.) Listening to music is helpful. When I run on my own, the sound can be comforting at times and it keeps you company. On the plus side, it can also get you distracted from the pain.  

4.) Make running a game. A GAME?? you asked!!!! Well, games are more fun than work right?! Count how many steps you take, or set a goal that you want to achieve, pass the person in front of you and see their shocked face,etc.

5.) Breathe! Yes, well if you don’t breathe that’s kind of a problem, but don’t gasp like your life depends on it! In through your nose and out through your mouth..

6.) Lastly, but probably most importantly, be self motivated. I guess people can make you run but no one can determine how well you will do. That’s up to you and your mind set. Tell yourself what you want to do and be positive about it, then push for that to happen! 

Hopefully this was a little bit of inspiration for the day! Will anyone be joining the track and field team, cross country team or any other sports team at school? If so, I’d love to know and see if you’re running improves after reading this. Ok just kidding, I’m sure their will be some decent runners going, man, what about us. Well, you keep excelling and lets encourage people who are trying to improve. To make clear, I’m not obsessed with running, nor do I LOVE it, but I like the challenge and like staying fit.

♥ Brooke

Ps. I’ll be running a contest today or sometime soon so please check my Instagram for that. Also, participate in my guest blogger’s contest ———->

Bye for now and keep smiling 🙂


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