Last Minute Summer Fashion Ideas

We’re quickly starting to say our goodbyes to summer and get prepared for school (unless you’ve already started)! All those shorts, tanks, flip flops, bathing suits and much more have to be packed away for colder weather to arrive. But wait!!! Let’s still cherish this warm weather for as long as possible.
Throughout this summer, I’ve been trying to figure out some of my favorite clothing items and have been wearing them frequently. There’s been a lot of trends for summer 2k14 although I’ve worn alot of my own style. Let me know what you think 🙂 I’ll also incorporate where I bought each item, though some were gifts so I don’t know the location. Maybe it’ll give you some inspiration for the rest of this summer or next summer but either way I hope it’s a good insight.
Quickly, before I dive into some of the outfits, I have a few things to bring up. I know that almost very girl feels cute when they have the perfect outfit, hair and makeup. Just the other day I think I felt tumblr for the first time!! I think bows are adorable, but if you aren’t into that so are bandannas. Make sure you don’t get pulled into traps and overpay when you’re out shopping. Know that thrift stores are ok and you don’t need to constantly be wearing trendy things. Ok that’s all!!! Here are some of my favorite outfits of the summer! 👇
Crop tank w blue shorts
🍍Cropped tank: Unknown 🍍Blue plaid shorts: Aeropostale 🍍Blue canvas shoes: H&M 🍍Necklace: A gift 🙂
Crop tank w black shorts
🏬Cropped tank: Unknown 🏬Black shorts: Parasuco 🏬Grey canvas shoes: Target 🏬Belt: Unknown 🏬Bow: Unknown
Cali top w pink shorts
👄Cali 22 crop top: Urban Behavior 👄Pink high waited shorts: Urban Behavior
Flower shirt w target shorts
🌺Floral patterned shirt: Delia’s 🌺Jean shorts: Target
Since clothing lines come and go, I can’t assure you that some or even any of the items above are still in stores. However, some of the places may be helpful to know if you like any of my items for future purchases that are similar 🙂 Also, I’ve decided to start putting watermarks on my pictures just for safety.
As a side note: Don’t be afraid to show your own style instead of blending in. Personally, I admire people who dress like themselves. This spring/summer most teenage girls have very very similar outfits. Not to say that I don’t fall into trends sometimes ;), but just add some of your own flare sometimes.
My next post will be inspired by an idea requested from one of my Instagram followers. Be sure to keep posted. I’m also taking any requests from anyone for blog post ideas that tickle your fancy.
Keep up being wonderful and don’t forget to smile.
Ps. Some wonderful blog design ideas are soon to come.

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