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keep calm and read on

Hello all you wonderful people. Sitting here I’ve been thinking that there’s so many things that I’ve been meaning to do. However, just as I’ve been meaning to catch up on things, we’re moving into my news house. And let me mention, FINALLY!!

Since I didn’t want to rush a blog post, I’ve decided to postpone it. Totally taking a bunny trail, but if you’re moving make sure to check out my post, https://lifetime2inspire.wordpress.com/2014/08/01/moving-adventures-tips/.

After tomorrow, (super busy day for me) I won’t have wifi for at least a week. While I’m internet free, there will be plenty of time to brainstorm post ideas. As for my Instagram, don’t unfollow for my lack of posting. As soon as possible, there will be new updates and everything on lifetime2inspire will continue as usual.

Good luck if you’re starting school soon like I will be. Maybe, I’ll have some new back to school stuff planned when I’m back. If you’ve already started school, then good luck with everything that’s going on. Since I’ll have a new room there will be some decorating, organizing and DIY’s going on. That’ll be fun to share with you guys!

Keep your head up, smile and laugh lots. Hope to be active and talk to everyone soon. Maybe I’ll even get wifi spots once in awhile haha.

For now,

♥ Brookie


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