Daily life of a Girl ūüĆļ

Each and every girl is different no matter where they’re from or who they are. Daily lives differ, some similar others fairly different.¬† I’d like to share with the world, how a girl lives her daily life. This “story” if you will, will shadow a teenage girl, but won’t match all girls lifestyles. It’ll be about no girl in particular and the pronoun “she” will be used to spare feelings.
 At the crack of down or late morning, she wakes up and opens her pretty eyes.
She’ll usually just¬†lie in bed for as long as possible until she’s read to start the day. Then she’ll stretch and head towards the kitchen after doing any morning rituals such as checking social media.
Each morning the breakfast differs from pancakes, to toast, to cereal and beyond. During breaky she may sit with her family or by herself and listen to music. Sometimes breakfast may be skipped for any  type of reasons.
Whenever she field like it, she’ll¬†brush her teeth and wash her face use in the favored soap, skin product and moisturizers. Then make-up might b applied or she may go √ē natural depending on preference. Lastly, depending on her mood, she’ll dress comfy, casual or dressy. Some days wills take¬†more time then others to¬†be satisfied with her looks.
Considering how society can be judgmental, bringing up or skyrocketing down confidence, she’s fairly self-conscious but is content with herself. Not to mention all girls should be.
In the afternoon, she may go shopping, run errands with her parents, o stay home alone or with siblings. Maybe she’ll spend the day with her beastie, do a photo shoot or¬†make YouTube videos. To be honest, there’s so many¬†things that¬†girls might do in a day.
Once the evening comes¬†around, it’s either the busiest or most relaxing part of the day. Some nights are spent watching Netflix with a bowl of popcorn and some blankets. Others are filled with¬†sports practices, going to the movies, for walk¬†or to a party.
Before bed, she’ll use¬†take a shower to feel fresh¬†and shave to¬†have nice, smooth skin. After the shower, is when she uses any other facial stuff or even rats herself with s clay mask. Any make-up (if worn) will then be taken off. Then, she may brush her hair, brush her teeth, moisturize and head to bed.
While in her room, she’d put on her pjs and a pair of fuzzy socks of course. After hopping into bed, she may read, go on her phone/iPod/tablet/iPad/laptop or write in a journal.
Soon enough she’ll turn off her light and sleep tight.
It was quite lovely to sit on my window seat, illuminated¬†by my lamp and write this blog post. Thanks to¬†@ be.free.with.me for this post idea, make¬†sure to go follow her on Instagram! That’s all for the night¬†and hope everyone has a restful sleep. Enjoy the weekend as well.
‚ô• Brookie

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