Vacationing Part One—-> Planning

To all you travelers, vacationers or people who simply like reading about lovely places to see, I think this may be a good read.
Almost everyone these days wants to “travel the world” or “go on an adventure” which is not surprise whatsoever! It’s just the will lower to plan, save and book the trip.
Up until a few years ago, the only place I’d ever traveled was the province next door. Never once had I left the country to site see the world. When I finally got the chance to travel to Hawaii, that was quite exciting.
Although I wasn’t the one planning out this trip, I was listening in on the talk.
So, what do you do when you want to book and place and pack your bags? Surely you just can’t walk out the door.
Remember, google is your friend and don’t forget about books.
Before giving the go on this vacation, check out travel prices online and make sure you’ve been saving up for awhile. Not only can flights be a small fortune but so living accommodations, food (you need to eat) and in-country transportation expenses. Oh and of course, souvenir shopping and extra pocket cash.
Once money worries are out of the way, there’s still plenty more on the checklist. Check out reviews on hotels, vacationing condos,etcetera. Maybe you’re lucky enough to own a place/ some property wherever you’re going. If that’s the case, then this trip will be a little less stressful!
After checking out places to stay, it’d be a good idea to book your stay there. Just saying 😉
So the money and living accommodations are set, but there’s still a few more things to do…..
Packing is a must, since there are some key items that are needed when traveling to a new place. When packing, I cannot emphasize enough to not bring too much. I can talk from experience on that one. Us girls always want to have the perfect outfit and plenty of choices, but there’s a limit. Plus, you want to save a little room for souvenirs don’t you? Not to say, skimp out on your belongings, but pack wisely. Pre-planning some outfits, especially if you know the typical weather there, will be a lot more convenient. Also, an effective way of packing would be to roll up any clothing items that don’t easily wrinkle. That way, if you must pack more, there will be a bountiful amount of room! As for shoes, if able to pack them in a separate suitcase along with your traveling buddies shoes.
Even before packing this next topic should be addressed well in advance. In order to enjoy your stay and not miss any important landmarks, some scheduling would be a must. Not scheduling so much as phoning and struck time measurements, but scheduling as in preplanning each day of the trip. Some days, you might want to just go with the flows, others you may visit numerous places or some may be spend splurging a bit. Either way, taking out a travel guide or simply a book on little gems to visit will be worth the time. During my vacation, it was planned out to might I say a T, therefore we were able to make plenty of adventures and site see lots. When making lists or circle different areas to stop by, try a few less visited destinations as well as a few tourist attractions.
As much as I’d love to sit down with everyone to plan their next vacation, unfortunately I can’t. However, hopefully you were inspired to try a few new things or simply found some guidance for the next family trip. I’d better sign off before my brain gets too foggy from tiredness and I start writing gibberish.
So long for now sweets.
Ps. Since this is part one, I may go down memory lane for part two, talking about my Hawaii trip. •insert bashful emoji here•
♥ Brookie

One thought on “Vacationing Part One—-> Planning

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