Real Talk, Boy Talk

I’m kind of quiet, humble and not always handy with conversation pieces. Where can this lead to. Well generally speaking, anywhere but for now, particularly boys. Surprise, surprise a topic so cliché would be discussed by yours truly. Why not, I mean some things can just be, I don’t know, easy to talk about or have bountiful ideas to discuss.

As a side note, sorry for the bore I might bring upon any males reading this.

Anyway, don’t you find we constantly change how we perceive the opposite gender. Not only that, bust everyone has different thoughts at different times. Since I can’t speak for all, I’ll give my female outlook on the age timeline of disliking or liking boys.

Now before I share this let me say that this may or may not be totally weird or differentiate from other females. Starting off with pre-school, yes at five years old I had my very first crush. Is that what they’re even called anymore? Let me add that even back then I was not very outgoing. This boy had hardly noticed me and even if he did, it was because our mom’s were friends. I still know who he is and will be attending school with him next year so uh eek! 11:11 I just made a wish…

To wrap up the last one, no I wasn’t successful at gaining his attention. Well, I guess we were only five so that must count for something. He is now considered a popular dude, so I guess I didn’t have to bad of taste in guys.

Then in grade school, there were petty crushes that weren’t much of the talk. Almost any guy I liked though had been part of the popular crowd popular crowd. To be honest most of them are, but who’s keeping track! Like I mentioned though, I actually didn’t like many guys in elementary. They weren’t much of importance beside friends, homework and being a kid.

Once middle school came around, things changed. I met girls who were totally into boys. Of course I got into a bit of the buzz, it’s kind of hard. Plus my first year, I ended up with some not bad looking dudes in my class. The next few years, I had a Few guys in mind and yes some of them ended up finding out. Shout out to my friends who told them. But still at that age, hardly anyone dated and there was just gossip.

At that point, none of the boys seemed to like me back. So I was just like ok then. Experiencing high school was/is still another ball game (as in the old saying!). If you had nothing to talk about, boys would spiral their way onto the conversation. A guy I had liked since my last year in middle school, I had still liked throughout my first year of high school. Possibly because I’d known him since grade school and he played the same sport as me. Of course my friends didn’t think he was the greatest looking, but I thought so.

Eventually that crush wore off, but during that same time, I had started to like another guy who didn’t go to my school. I still am not sure if I like him or not though. All I know is that there will be new possibilities at my new school next year and I’m not wanting to date for a years to come.

In the end, I still like guys even though the feeling isn’t mutual and I do have a lesson behind all this. If you don’t date or no guy has shown interest don’t let that hurt your feelings. The time will come when the age is right and you truly love someone. For now, just enjoying hanging out with your friends. Thanks for listening to my story on boy talk. I thought I’d change it up a bit. However, I’m still looking forward to doing a Part Two on my Vacationing post (

I’d, love to hear any stories, a breakdown on I guess your love life or any thoughts you have on this topic. What is said on my blog, stays on my blog!!! Any who,  I’m exhausted so night night.

♥ Brookie xx


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