Halloween Ramblings

Well hello there all you lovely people. I’m finally in a writing mood again and have a little less writer’s block. Thank goodness for that! I’m actually just lying in bed procrastinating about how I shouldn’t have eaten all that candy. Oops so much for my pledge to not eat any, but come on… it’s Halloween.

Clearly I Ike to swerve off topic, although today it’s ore of a read if you sent or don’t bother. Don’t I just sound so intelligent at the moment. Note my sarcasm. However if you’d like to read some good literature, check out my Vacationing Part 1 post.

Just the other day, I attended a pep rally for the first time at this school n particular (my new school). If you’ll be participating at your school’s pep rally, then make sure to bring some enthusiasm and even be apart of any games/challenges. Following the pep rally was our Halloween dance. Of course it’s one of the best dances of  the year and I decided to miss it. However some words of advice, make the right decisions, wear something appropriate and don’t embarrass yourself. This may be a future blogging topic. That amazing moment when you have something sufficient to blog about…

Before I go off into another bunny trail, I’d like to share a photo of Lucia’s (my sister) costume tonight. Unfortunately I didn’t dress up this year, but I may try to dig out last year’s outfit *Mary Poppins*.


If you think last minute DIY costumes are not efficient try Making one an hour before trick or treating. I ended up gutting and carving my sister’s pumpkin. On the bright side, I got to carve the face, which turned out super cliché. This is super random, but there are people setting off firecrackers which I usually don’t mind, but right now it’s super annoying.

It’s looking like I’m rambling so I might as well lye my head down and sleep.


Ps. If you’re ever having school troubles, are the new kid or simply want a friend, DM me on Instagram or contact me from this blog.



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