Autumn Outdoor Movie Nights

Hello hello everyone. Pardon me if my thought are jumbled since I currently have a cold. Fortunately I’m not brain dead, therefore I’m able to post this for you. So about a week ago, I was invited to an outdoor movie night, which didn’t go exactly how I planned. That’s why I want to give advice so you can take on this endeavor successfully. It’s seems like a great event to host, but I’m not sure if I particular have the right backyard….


* Choose a yard with an ample amount of space

* Someone’s grassy backyard, a driveway, hay loft (where I was last night) or on a large deck

* Make sure the ground is even


* Friday nights are generally a good time for any event

* Set a time after dinner such as 6:00/6:30 pm

* It doesn’t have to be late, 10:00/10:30 pm is fine

* Be aware of any plans the next night especially early morning sports games


* Generally, both genders should dress warm

* Hoodies with a jacket

* Sweatpants or jeans/jeggings with leggings underneath

* Accessories such as scarfs, fuzzy socks, toques/beanies and gloves

* Appropriate show wear (don’t wear expensive shoes, cough cough me)


* Bringing less is the best

* Wear a side purse or smaller type of bag

* Candy/gum

* Tissues (for just in case)

* Your own personal snack

* Glasses (if you wear them like me)

* A device or camera to take pictures or play music


* Pop, in cans or liter bottles

* Warm beverages such as hot cocoa

* Chips & popcorn

* Cookies or cupcakes

* DIY snacks such as homemade donuts

* Goodies bags can also be a good idea for something to munch on

 Projector/ Projector Screen

* Set up a store bought screen or a white sheet

* Buy or rent a projector if one is not already owned

* Align the projector with the screen

* Make sure there’s a power source

* Hang the screen on a wall, from a deck, from a roof/higher area or on the side of a house/barn

* Make sure the movie is loud enough


* Set up chairs, blankets or hay bales

* String Christmas type lights around the area

* Wear or bring bug spray

* Bring a water bottle if you want

* Dress in layers

All in all, as long as you are comfy, have a good area, invite the right amount of people (maybe max 15) and have yummy food, this social event will turn out fabulous. I’d love to see you hosting or attending a fall movie night or any other outdoor events. Use the hashtag #fallmovienight_l2i

♥ Brookie

Ps. This is so random but my hair bun is perfect right now. And I won my soccer game today (2-0) against a team that I despise.


Feel free to leave a comment, ask a question or just talk. I reply to all

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