Third Day of Christmas

“On the third day of Christmas my true love gave to me, three French hens, two turtle doves & a partridge in a pair tree.”


For all those presents stuffed in the closet, not wrapped, I’ve got you covered. And tomorrow, I’ll have your back for 4 last minute gift ideas or shopping tips!

As for today, which has been very very long, I’d like to share three creative, but styling ways to wrap your presents this year. Whether it be a little something for your loved one or a contribution to the Secret Santa pot, make yours the one that everyone remembers. Here are three crafty gift wrapping ideas that’ll win your way into someone’s hard or memories.


Kraft Paper

candycane snowflake kraft


This one simple item is a must have for all your Christmas bundling needs. Not only is it cheaper, but this option allows you to show your creative side. Initially, I must have seen this paper used by my Mee-Mor to wrap up Christmas gifts.

 ddanish xmas heart wrap

 This picture kind of represents what I’m talking about, as well as being topped with a Danish heart. I don’t know what it is about this heart, but I’ve always mind of liked it, maybe because it’s part of family tradition, who knows.

Anyway, pair Kraft Paper with natural things such as branches, modern day bows, bells, stamps, cute handwritten tags and of course some ribbon/yarn. Remember, this is a simple type of packaging so still keep it sophisticated without overcrowding. However, don’t hold back your creativity. Use your own style and incorporate tat of the one you’re wrapping for.


Fabric Gift Wrapping

 red sophisticated fabric wrap

 Well, besides the obvious name, this next option is sure to appease those with little time, but still want to DIY this Christmas. Any leftover material can be used as well as any fabric from your local craft store. The aim isn’t to be too expensive, but to have something presentable, yet artsy.

 fabrix xmas wrap

Simply form the fabric around your item and tie it off with another color. Mix and match patterns. Use plain for the “body” then patterned for the tie off or visa-versa. Adding tiny rubber bands around the end of bottles, then placing ribbon overtop is just one out of many ideas.


Little DIY boxes of joy

shiny silver wrap

Do you ever have those organization days where you’re knee high in random junk, bit come across some sort of forgotten treasure? Usually it’s money, a memoir, expensive jewelry or pictures. Why can’t this treasure be a box? Well it can now, turn that ugly brown thing into something worth keeping. Gather all your art supplies and get to work! Wrapping paper can be used to cover it up as well as scrapbook paper. Finish that puppy off with some ribbons and bows. Bam, now you’re ready to toss it under the tree! (Don’t forget to put something in it though!)

ddiy xmas wrap supplies

That’s a wrap for the night. (Haha get it!) Ok I really need to re-energize. After continuing to work on my 200+ mark project, I’m overly exhausted. At the moment I feel slightly under the weather. Hope to not be sick as we have a field trip tomorrow with a project attached to it.

Sweet dreams,

♥ Brookie


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