Late New Years Ramblings

My aunt gave me a journal to write in during 2015. Not sure if it was her intentions, but wither way I’ll be doing lots more journaling and diary writing this year. Although I’d love to incorporate some of my writing from my little book into this post, I thought that I’ll keep that personal. However, I have many more exciting things to ramble about.


Firstly, SO SO SO excited it’s the New Year! That’s not an understatement by any means and I have no idea where this vibe came from. I was totally like this yesterday too.

With this optimism, I’m generally wanting to start of the year with being happy and healthy. Let’s all start this year out together with a big BANG. Not only do I want to start the year out with some new fashions (below), but with being fit and eating well.

So for Christmas, I was blessed by receiving a fair amount of clothing (most purchased from Black Friday) and I’ve finally cracked. Yes. I started wearing my new sweaters and if you know me, I like to savour my new clothes. Well, it’s New Years and that means new fashion.

Today's outfit. Cozy, sophisticated sweater from Wet Seal. Tiger patterned
Today’s outfit. Cozy, sophisticated sweater from Wet Seal. Tiger patterned
Another sweater which I didn't wear today, but is great for a more lazy day.
Another sweater which I didn’t wear today, but is great for a more lazy day.

Right now, I’m disappointed with the quality as my sister took them with her canon. Therefore I may need to revise them and re-upload. As you can see, I paired both sweaters with some leggings (also from Christmas) and a pair of black combat boots.

As for starting the year out with healthy and fit, my family went on a bike ride today. Yesterday, we also went on a hike and slide down half the mountain. Literally. We are a very adventurous and thrill seeking family, don’t ask.

white mountain bike
This isn’t my bike because it was too cold to set up my bike for a nice picture. Therefore, this bike closely represents what mine looks like.

I hope everyone has a healthy and happy new year. One of joy and success. Remember, it`s a time to have a fresh start. You can make your year how you want it. Set goals and have resolutions.


* Some of my resolutions for 2015…

* Go on runs in my spare time & do workouts before bed

* Be more optimistic & never give up

* Pass my driver`s test

I`d love to hear some of your resolutions as well! Enjoy the rest of your day or night wherever you are. If you ever need someone to talk to this year, whether it be to rant, ask questions or just have a friend, I`m always here.

Ready to conquer 2015 successfully,

♥ Brookie


Feel free to leave a comment, ask a question or just talk. I reply to all

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