Twirling, whirling, changing mind

My mind constantly changes. Yes, I’m aware I’ve stated something so blunt, but it’s true. It can range from something so minor, to a complex situation.

In fact, everyone’s mind changes.When was the last time you didn’t stick with your 1st outfit choice or decided to stay out instead of go home?

So what exactly brought about this topic? To be honest, it happened today when I looked in the mirror. And as a side note, that’s not meant to sound cynical. Here’s the thing, one day, I’ll decide that looks are somewhat important and the next, I’ll disagree.

Let’s stick to this topic for now. Ok, so why would looks be a big deal? Well, not all the time but most, I find that looking and feeling good can me a good self confidence booster. There’s days when you’ll spend time carefully planning out your outfit and others when sweatpants with a baggy sweatshirt are life. As for make-up, I’ve had the random urge to want to buy concealer, but then think otherwise. Why spend all that time on the petty area of beauty? On the other hand, why not take advantage of what this generation has to offer? Do you see my dilemma now?

The next topic is only really relatable to a group of kids. If parents are divorced, do you ever wish you choose the other house to stay overnight at? That doesn’t exactly cross my mind since I only live with one parent, but sometimes I just want to change things up a bit. Especially if you may have family “problems” (I still to this day cannot get rid of the past), there are so many situations that you wish you chose differently. Although this could go with all aspects of life.

Now, I’m going to bring in scenarios that you might be able to relate to…

  • pouring a cold drink into a cup and realizing you want a warm beverage
  • pulling out one outfit & totally re-configuring it
  • choosing a certain movie & switching the film half way through
  • raising your hand in class, then quickly putting it back down
  • wanting to go to bed early, but thinking social media is more important
  • wanting a shower but deciding to take a bath
  • thinking you had the best day until thoughts change when you forgot about the bad things
  • having plans to study for finals, but thinking you still have a few more weeks

Hopefully you’ll be having one of those “relatable” moments that makes you all happy inside. Not sure about you, but yes teenage posts and text posts do that to me ALL the TIME.

The last one was totally necessary for the moment. If you’re like me, stressing out for exams and hitting the books, I want to wish you much luck!

….Sometimes it can be frustrating when you’re mind changes, but there is a positive side. Maybe the final decision you made could conclude with a better outcome or make you happier. Sometimes it’s not just actions, but thoughts that change, but that allows you to explore new possible ideas/paths. Try to find the optimistic side to everything you do.

All in all.. just don’t change your mind to stop reading my blog.. haha well you can, but that would make me sad :/ HEhe hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far and talk to you soon.


♥ Brookie xx


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