Quick & Healthy Snack Ideas

Some blogs or youtube videos sometimes show snacks that are A. too time consuming or B. aren’t healthy or quick to make. Hopefully these will be helpful enough and are the opposite of those!

Lately, I’ve been getting inspiration to take a little bit of extra time to make healthy snacks. After coming home from a long day, who wouldn’t be hungry, but junk food always seems to be the go to thing. Mostly because of the convenience and the taste is apart of it. Although, when some is to make something themselves and knows it is more beneficial to eat, then it seems to taste better. However, I’m by no means a cook and that’s something I can’t talk my way out of. Therefore, I’ve tried to find things that I’m capable of making, do you know what I mean? I’m constantly scavenging for more DIY options, but I’d like to share some of my favorites at the moment.

google diy snacks

Just a few weeks ago, I finally learned how to cook eggs, especially in an omelette form. They are super easy to make, have plenty of Omega-3 and aren’t overly time consuming to make. In fact, I was able to make them before school one morning. BUT, that’ll be in my breakfast ideas for another time. With these eggs, I toss the into an English muffin with some topics like cheese, onion, tomato,etc.. English muffins can always be substituted with a few pieces of toasted bread brushed with butter.


My next favorite snack is a smoothie. There are so many different variations and combinations, but there’s one particularly healthy one that I’ll contribute. Just as a disclaimer, this smoothie contains peanut butter, however it can be substituted for something like Nutella. After gathering materials like a blender, spoon and cups, cut up a banana. Depending on how much you want to make you may use many more. Next, add about 3 spoonfuls of peanut butter (or substitute), milk (you have to eye the amount) and yogurt. Remember, these are just ideas and can be tinkered with as you please. If this combination doesn’t work for you (it’s not the yummiest, but tastes decent and is super healthy), then try something with berries!

real smoothie

Numero trois, frozen yogurt protein slices. This snack is inspired by the blog http://hedihearts.com/frozen-protein-yogurt-slices/ Basically, it’s frozen yogurt with fillers such as berries, nuts, sweeteners and protein powder. This snack can be altered and mix matched to however you desire. Also, since I have not yet made this, I will include a picture from the previously mentioned website.

yogurt bark 2

Things are much more desirable and rewarding to eat when they’ve been made in your very own kitchen. Personally, I feel more energized and fresh knowing that it wasn’t totally processed or just a bag of chips. Let me know if these helped in any way or if you’ll try them out.


♥ Brookie


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