Valentine’s Day (DIY’s, outfit ideas & food)


With Valentine’s Day literally right around the corner, I couldn’t help, but not post something related to the topic. We all know that this so called holiday is either the most hated or most loved one of the bunch, but there’s always room for a little celebration. And naw I don’t got a bæ. Just to make that clear, phew now that that’s dealt with, I’d like a share a few DIY’s, clothing ideas and food all relating to Valentine’s Day!


Whether you like this day or not, there’s no harm in adding a little love to your home. Personally, I would never think of tossing paper hearts around my room and putting up XOXO signs, but I may have changed my thinking process… just a little.


Since my bedroom is already pink themed (and way too overly girly for my liking), I decided that this endeavor may not be so hard after all. This is my bed spread, which ties perfectly into the whole heart theme.


image2 (1) - Copy
This filter makes my bed look a much different color, but it is a light pink with a furry texture and hearts incorporated into it.


And a heart garland that I whipped up to drape across my window frame…


Processed with Moldiv


My best advice is to just dig out anything pink, white or red and just go with it. And if anything to those standards is scarce, then I’ve included a list of DIY projects below.


*A picture with hearts (if you don’t want to cut out hearts, just keep them glued to your background & decorate or frame it)

Processed with Moldiv

* Buy or make wooden letter & paint them the appropriate colors (V Day,XOXO, kisses, LOVE,etc)

* Attach pompoms or a boa (feather scarf) to “tumbler” lights & hang them above your bed

* Stick cut out hearts or borders around a mirror

cut out hearts

* Hang pink, red, pink or white balloons up or hang from ceiling

* Buy transfer paper & decorate pillows or anything else with your fav. pics

* Make a heart collage with all your favorite things



Now that you’re room looks great, what about a wardrobe. Maybe there’s a special school dance, a date, night out with friends or family or even simply a night alone, but we might as well savor the moment to wear fun attire.


Go for tasteful colored jeans like so…


Processed with Moldiv


A casual, but cute cardigan that fits in with the colors…


pink cardigan


Maybe something more dressy.. (not mine)


pink dress


And lastly.. not mine… but something that still keeps you in the loop but comfy for your night with pizza…



Oh and I can’t forget some accessories such as this lovely heart necklace

Processed with Moldiv



Now of course we can’t forget the food!!! For most this is the most important item that is a key to staying distracted or just treating oneself.




Processed with Moldiv
In most smoothie shops, you’d probably come across one called something like “Very Berry”. This particular one contains a mixture of frozen berries, Neapolitan ice-cream, milk, a few drops of lemonade and ice-cubs (optional). Plus, it’s pink which makes it perfect. Mason jars make drinks look so much nicer and it just seems to taste better when drank through a straw!


Inspired by numerous YouTuber’s (who I forget at the moment) and a few bloggers! Ingredients: popcorn, white chocolate (melted), sprinkles & conversation hearts


They all look so delicious and I really want to try the popcorn however that won’t be possible. Unfortunately this Valentine’s Day, I’ll just be recovering from having my wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow. That’s why I hope to have this post fully finished for you within the next 24 hours. Anyway, hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine’s Day or has a bit of fun with just barely passing by!!! Talk to you later alligator, ooo how about Cupid!


Lots of love, love, love



Feel free to leave a comment, ask a question or just talk. I reply to all

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