Macaroon Review!

Hello Everyone!

Today I’m really excited to announce I’ll be doing a fun but brief guest blog post .(Brookie has been extremely busy lately and welcomes this idea)!

For this post I’m going to do a type of experience share/my opinion on type post, just to mix things up a bit!

A few days back, my friend had purchased a box full of French Macroons. She had offered me a box to try and I was delighted.( As anyone like me would be if you’ve heard many a time of this sweet treat but never actually tasted it). Before I received the box, I had only ever tried a different form of Macroons (coconut) which came in a more solid/crunchy form.

All over social media though I’ve heard about these cute colorful dessert bites and as I said before was glad to try them. My first impression -for anyone who hasn’t had them before – was that they were very different and kind of sugary! To me I found they tasted a little artificial and very overly sweet but it really depends on who’s sweet tooth you ask! Moving on, although there also seems to be a lot of food coloring in them, they look adorable and now I can officially say I have had them!

Processed with Moldiv

To be honest though, even if they do make a picture flattering, I find that I prefer the crunchy ones (excuse my nameless title) that do not include the Oreo kind of texture/cream. These coconut ones are especially good in a chocolate fondu!!
Anyways, out of all of them my favorite were the lime,green tea, and blueberry flavor!

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed this little “review” and have a lovely week!



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