Bark Thins- Costco find

Long time no chat! Firstly, I’d like to thank many of you for bearing with me throughout my non-existence on social media the past month. However, I’m back in business and ready to start catching up with everyone and everything I’ve missed. On another note, how many people find it difficult to find a snack? Wait let me reword that, find it difficult to find a not so boring, easy to grab healthy snack? You didn’t think there’s such thing did you? “Potato” chips don’t. I came across snack food in Costco called Bark Thins. They’re a mixture of dark chocolate, pumpkin seeds and sea salt. One piece is all you need and they give you energy as well as being healthy if you eat it in moderation. Some other healthy snacks that may or may not include prep include: •Apples with cinnamon or cheese • Peanut butter banana smoothie (plenty of protein) Since I’m now on my break, I’m able to pay more attention to the food I consume and to my body. Yes, I eat healthy, but breakfast and snacks are too easy to cheap out on. As for fitness, I know there’s so many accounts and videos online, but I’d be happy the share the routine I’m starting. Keep posted! Brookie


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