Summer Outfitspiration

The countdown for summer is well on its way and most of us are starting to plan. If you aren’t, check out my pre-summer planning tips here. On the other hand, back to outfits…keep in mind that these are simply ideas and not meant to brag by any means.

Most pieces of this outfit are fairly new, but this is where I purchased everything. This sort of outfit is more casual and could be worn to places like school, hanging out with friends or the beach.

Stripped tank~ Reitmans

Jean shorts~ UB2/ Urban Behaviour

Black leather backpack~ found in mom’s closet

Necklace~ Unknown (gift)

Ring~ Tiffany & Co.


Another outfit uses the same shorts but creates a whole new look. I paired these shorts once again from Urban Behaviour, with a cute palm tree crop top. This shirt is from H & M and I found it in the festival section which justifies that it’s totally meant for summer fun.


For those cooler nights or summer days, sometimes you want to wear something a little warmer, yet still cool & happy looking. Pairing a cute top with a pair of colored jeans and even a throw over is a cute way to achieve this.

Floral cropped tank~ Garage

Ripped pink jeans (aka Princess Pants)~ London Jeans

Props to the horrible quality picture



The last outfit idea for this post is more of a straightforward idea, thus I’m only showing my shirt. Anyway, down below is a lightweight pinky tank top that is perfect to throw over a bathing suit when at the pool or beach.

Pinky cover-up tank top~ Billabong

Shorts~ Parasuco, these shorts were featured in a summer outfit idea from last year which you can check here.

Sunglasses~ knock off of Ray-Bans


The necklace in this picture is from a little store in Mexico

The two necklaces that were incorporated in my outfits look like…




Since it’s now mid-June, I’ll be uploading a lot more blog posts to fit in a bunch more before summer/July. Who’s excited for a new episode of Pretty Little Liars tomorrow? Oh and has anyone been watching  Fifa Women’s Soccer lately, it’s so exciting to watch. So on the weekend, I was at a birthday for my best friend’s sister and we made some pretty rad shirts. I’ll have a DIY post coming up soon on these shirts and how I spiced mine up a bit.

Enjoy the sun if there is any and if not, cuddle up and just be happy,

♥ Brookie



Feel free to leave a comment, ask a question or just talk. I reply to all

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