Quick & Simple DIY Tank Tops

As mentioned in my last post, I attended a birthday last week for my close friend’s sister. We dressed in oversized white shirt and shower caps, then all marched down to the neighborhood park. Once we got there, every threw off their shoes and paint went flying! Yes, we had a paint fight!!! It was super messy but a lot of fun. Now, I recognize it’s not efficient to do a spur-of-the-moment paint fight, however there’s another option.

Things you need:

things you need
Materials: scissors, cloth measuring tape (optional), pen or chalk, sewing needle/thread (optional), a tank top with the design you like & a drink (optional, but it takes awhile!!!!!)
  • White shirt (oversized is the easiest to work with)
  • Fabric Paint or a {tie dye kit & rubber bands}
  • Cute words or pictures printed on transfer paper (if you don’t want to use paint or tie dye) & an iron
  • All the items listed in the caption

Numero one: Gather together your supplies & make your designs

Tie dye your shirts (click here), do a paint splatter on your shirt or iron designs on your shirt (find out how to do this here)

tie dye

Numero two: Turn your shirt inside out

Numero three: Place your tank top over your white shirt matching it up

Numero four: Trace around your tank top straight onto the inside out shirt (be careful to not get on your tank)

tracing the shirt

Numero five: Take time to clean up the lines, this may include doing some free-handing

Numero six: Cut along the lines you drew

cutting tshirt

I started cutting one sleeve at a time…..

one sleeve cut

…this is how it looked…

both sleevs off

Numero seven: Make sure you turn the shirt so it’s no longer inside out.

Numero eight: Fold in the rough edges around the sleeves and collar. Also, get out your liquid glue.

liquid glue

Numero nine: Take some liquid glue and make the folds permanent. This way, there edges will look clean and not as rough.

gluing shirt

Numero ten: Enjoy your rad looking shirt! Did I just say rad?! Today’s been a long day so… yeah.

finished shirt

And there you have it, the finished product of my DIY tank top. Send me pictures of your tank tops if you decide to try out this easy (seriously it’s so easy) and fun mini project. I love these shirts because they’re universal. I wore mine to school, to hang out with friends and even to work out in. Since I used a tank top with lower sleeves as my guide, that why they are low if you’re wondering. Anyway, thank you for reading.

♥ Brookie


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