Summer Favourites/Must haves

Note: the random blurred out section in the sunglasses is purposely there, as you'll read, these sunglasses really are reflective!
Note: the random blurred out section in the sunglasses is purposely there, as you’ll read, these sunglasses really are reflective!

There are some things that are must haves for the summer and many of these items have made my favourites list for this season! Below are a few of MY personal favorites along with some explanations and ramblings. Get snuggled in with a drink and snack and put those reading glasses to use! PS. These items are in no particular order.

First off is Iced Coffee for those caffeine fanatics~ After my mom made me a homemade icecap, I immediately fell in love with it. Don’t get me wrong, I won’t drink coffee alone, but mixed in another drink, it’s delicious! I mean, why not make it at home instead of spending a whack load of money at somewhere like Timmies?

homemade ice-cap coffee

Hats~ Having a cute hat during the summer is a must. It’s important to cover your head when in the sun if you don’t want to get a sunstroke. Wearing a hat is the key, but why not make a statement at the same time? Cute baseball caps, straw hats, or even bucket hats all work. Speaking of bucket hats, has anyone else noticed how they’ve become popular with teenagers lately?

straw hat
Unfortunately, this is the best picture I could find of this hat. However this straw hat is definitely one of my favourites at the moment.

Tumbler Cups~ Note: don’t get these cups mixed with the popular website Tumblr! During the summer, it’s super important to stay hydrated when in the heat. Recently I purchased this tumbler which I can and do bring with me wherever I go. Not only is it cuter then carrying around a water bottle, but it has a summery feel. Plus, if you’re drinking water, it’ll be more motivation to drink from.

homemade ice-cap in tumbler

Floral Tank~ This past weekend, my mom and I went on a shopping trip. Some stores we visited include, Boathouse, Garage, Stiches and Bath & Body Works. Boathouse happened to have some pretty amazing sales, therefore we made a few purchases. One of these purchases included a blue, floral cropped tank top. What I love about it is the fact that this tank is flowy, doesn’t look like a crop top when worn and it’s simply cute.

blue cropped tank
While trying on this top, I matched it with these trendy light green skinny jeans and it was a perfect fit! Looks like I have a new upscale-casual outfit. To finish off the look, I wore my hair in a fishtail.

Popsicles~ Imagine it’s 30 degrees C, the sun is shining right on you and you’re sitting by the pool. What could possibly make this scene any better? A nice, frozen popsicle of course! You’ve all seen this DIY somewhere before right?

sprite and gummy diy

Well, I decided to take it upon myself and try this delicious looking treat out. I ended up using ginger ale and I’m not sure if that affects the taste much differently. Anyway, they looked cute and yummy, but the outcome was slightly different.

Processed with Moldiv

So there you have it, above is the popsicle I made. Obviously mine is more frosted, however I don’t see how it wouldn’t be. All these pictures of this DIY look doctored, if you know what I mean. As for the taste, the pop with the gummy bear flavoring was good, however the gummies tasted slightly different. If you’ve been seeing this DIY for the past few years like I did, I’d recommend testing it out just to check it off that summer bucket list!

These sunglasses below most definitely have a place on this list. First off, yes they are knock offs of ray bands but does it really matter. I personally don’t wear sunglasses all the time and when I do they may not be treated the best unless I’m tanning. With that said, I’m not one to spend lots of money on expensive sunglasses. Anyway.. reflective lenses, that your friends can look at themselves in, are increasing popular lately. Many bloggers and youtubers are seen prancing around with this stylish accessory. As mentioned, mine are cheap but they’re still super cute (I think) and reflect fun colors in the light.

Note: at the time they obviously needed a cleaning and the glare didn’t help in the display of them!

If any of these are your favorite things as well, make sure to let me know. Also, I’m sure most of you have already checked out the icecap link and if not go check that out now. Some methods work better then others and it’s all about practicing. My mom’s recipe is definitely better then the one I’m drinking right now, that’s for sure! Anyway, hope everyone is enjoying the hot weather and if it’s not necessarily summer where you live, then you can still enjoy the weather either way.

Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of my blog as well as being Canada Day!!!! I’ll be sure to post on my Instagram (lifetime2inspire) as well as a new post will be up tomorrow too.

Night, night,

♥ Brookie xx


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