First Timer French Toast Review




I had just woke up, brought my black fury blanket to the couch and decided to watch an episode of a new (for me) show called Veronica Mars. Yes, that’s the one with the blonde chick who solves mysteries. Anyway, it was one of those sleepover morning where my sister had her friend over for the night. Being the wonderful and amazing sister I am, I decided to whip them up a tasty breakfast. Unfortunately I’m not the best cook around the block, however this recipe for French Toast made me look like I knew what I was doing.

I’d never made this breakfast before but I was determined so show the skills I thought I probably didn’t have. I got out all the ingredients, the materials, my tablet for the recipe and of course, my determined little mind. This recipe took very little time, was simple and tasted delicious. That’s right, I made  French toast for the first time, that not only tasted yummy, but it got good reviews from both girls.

Unfortunately we didn’t have Maple Syrup, which I’m a sucker for when it comes to this type of breakfast, but I was able to substitute that. Simply smooth some butter over your toast and sprinkle both cinnamon and sugar over top. It may not be quite up to standards but it sure won over Lucia’s friend who’d never tried it before 🙂

Recipe link for any level of experience you may have making French Toast: Click here for recipe


♥ Brookie

PS. Adding freshly cut fruit to the mix is a big must!!! So delicious 🙂


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