Back to School With Brookie: Supplies

      Guess what? Depending on where you live, we still get 3 weeks of summer!!! And I got my school supplies last week!

      As much as I’m not too over joyed about school starting, there are some perks! I’m not sure about anyone else, but I have this crazy obsession with school supplies. Just the other day my dad dropped my sister and I off with some money at Walmart. I don’t particularly praise Walmart but that’s a whole other topic! Anyway, within 5 minutes we were running around having a blast and of course looking for deals deals deals! And deals we found, 5 cents notebooks, that’s hard to beat. Personally, I love to write, so having a stack of empty notebooks is like Christmas.

      To make things even better, I ran into a dear friend of mine. School supply shopping & my best friend, at the moment, what more could I have asked for?
all suppliesIMG_4295
      The picture above shows my school supplies for the 2015-2016 (almost put 2014-2015!!) school year. Obviously these things can work for any grades, but for anyone wondering this is where I got everything..

Walmart  ⇒  Binders (1 ½ inch + 2 inch) under $20
                  ⇒  Paper 10 cents each (150 sheets)
                  ⇒  Pink erasers
                  ⇒  Colored pens (assortment) under $3
                  ⇒  Red + Blue pens under $5 for both
                  ⇒  Highlighters in assorted colors (pack of 5) under $3
                  ⇒  Polka-dotted agenda $6 (It’s a bit pricey, but I wanted to splurge a bit!)
Staples     ⇒  Pencil case $2
                  ⇒  Clear ruler $1
                  ⇒  Pencils
                  ⇒  Dividers (clear) under $2

      I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and if you’re in school right now, then I hope your school year is going smoothly and hopefully it’s fun! Either this week or next week I’ll be posting tips/life hacks, outfit ideas and maybe even some DIYs!! As well, I have a new “Blogs thoughts Part 2” that I’ve already written but I’m not sure if I’ll be posting it soon if at all. Anyway those were just a few updates, but I loved writing this for you guys as always.

♥ Brookie

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