Back to School With Brookie: Room Prep


A few days ago, I was contemplating the fact that it’s about time to get my room in order before school time comes around! Fortunately, this is neither a difficult or boring task. I attempted to search some inspiration online, however I only got a few ideas. With that said, this post is just one more area where you can find ideas if you’d like some 😉 As a quick note, I wasn’t able to do too much more with my side tables since I have limited space!

The first idea that came to mind was one of the most obvious and simplest things you could do… Simply fill a mason jar with pencils, pens, etc. to have your supplies easily accessible. I labeled mine, but due to time I didn’t get a chance to make it as cute as I wanted it to be!


Next, I remembered that we have a classy looking black tray in my cupboards, so I realized that it would make the perfect organizer for my perfumes. Not only that, but it totally suits my room and looks fabulous. I also added a few of my favorite jewelry pieces so I don’t have to always scrounge through my box to find them. I then threw my “Beauty & Brains” sign behind it, partly because I didn’t know where else to put it!

perfume tray

After organizing this display (I’m quite proud of the results!), my mind was still thinking of other things to prepare my room for school. That’s when it hit me, I had a wooden loom that I’ve only used once & it was stored under my bed. I also had a stack of books on my bed and I put two and two together. Why not use the loom as a makeshift book holder. I mean, there was no way I was going to make some fancy metal one, so what’s the saying… reduce, REUSE, recycle, right?

book holder

Even though the books stood still on their own, as an extra precaution (and it was a good edition), I used a jar with chocolates in it to finish off the display. Plus, if you didn’t know, eating chocolate while studying helps you process things better! Along with that, I placed a whiteboard behind it to write notes and reminders.

cute magnet whiteboards

Just to give you an overview of some of these ideas, here is a birds eye view of one of my side tables!

sidetable tray

Hope some of these ideas helped, if not, hopefully I can redeem myself with all the other blog posts coming up pertaining to school. As well, not everything will be school related but since school is coming up where I live I’m just getting it out of the way! Since I’ve been posting every Tuesday for the last couple of weeks I plan to continue that. Tuesdays will be our day! Although I’ll probably end up posting in between that time too.

It’s getting a little late and I have a friend waiting to see some of these school prep decorations so it’s time to wrap this up! Thank you for reading and I love love love writing & interacting with you guys.

♥ Brookie


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