Back to School With Brookie: Night Routine

Today I’ve been doing some thinking…. Or maybe Mean Girls has just got to me. On another note, today’s post isn’t going to be deep but more low key. With some of us going to school next week and other already attending everyone has it on their mind. The night before school starts is especially stressful. With that said, here’s some ideas for a possible night routine.

Go for a run or do a workout this’ll give you a feeling of productivity

Do your nails

Take a quick shower & hop in a warm bubble bath

In the bath read a book, it’ll transfer you into a different place with no worry

Drink some tea

Make sure your bag is packed

Have your first day outfit planned to perfection

Prepare breakfast (if you can) so it’s easier in the morning

Double check that you’re alarm is set & put it across the room

Place any makeup or other product out on the counter so you don’t have to look for stuff in the morning

Go to bed early!!!!!

All these things should aid in a relaxing and stress-free night. I hope everyone has a good first day and if you’re already in school, then I hope you have a good rest of the week!

♥ Brookie


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