Current Favorites for September

All my sweaters, jackets, jeans & boots are official out and in business now… Yes that means fall is slowly creeping up. Not to mention all the leaves on the ground. I feel as if it’s my duty to start posting fall related things now by jumping on the band wagon. Before hand, id like to share a few of my current favorites. Be on the look out though because GUESS what! I’m doing a collab with a new blogging friend of mine. Brittany has the cutest blog and I’m so excited for Friday! More updates to come, but for now….

These aren’t in order by any means…


• Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse
In other words, a new foundation that I picked up a few weeks ago that I absolutely love! I’m not a beauty guru by any means, but this stuff is good for people who have oily/sensitive skin (aka me) and it doesn’t look cakey. Plus, it’s definitely on the cheaper end of the spectrum.
• Elf eyelash curler
I never thought I’d be one to curl my eyelashes but this beauty tool definitely makes my eyes look bigger!
• Herbal Essence Dry Shampoo
Ever since I started using shampoo, my mom picked this up for me and I swear by it.


• PINK sweatshirt
Yes for those of you who follow me on Instagram this is the same one that I posted. It was actually one of my best thrift shop purchasers. So comfy & cute!
• Ardenes furry boots
While on the subject of comfy, I’d recommend to any these adorable boots. You can wear them 2 different ways and it feels like you’re wearing slippers. These may be included in my upcoming fall post!


• Gillian Candy Company stick candy
These candies are so cute and quite tasty. They’re almost like candy canes except they come in multiple yummy flavors. My favorite is root beer!
• XTREME portable phone charger
This favorite is slightly random, but if you have a phone & you don’t have one of these, I’d totally advise getting one. Especially if you travel lots or you use your phone lots in school.

I may or may not be doing a part 2 to this, but I know that this will get published and I’ll regret not adding one or two things. However, as of now these are my current favorites that I just had to share with yall.

Make sure to check my twitter (Life2Blog) and my Instagram (Lifetime2Inspire) for my collaboration in 2 DAYS time!

Happy Blogging,

♥ Brookie


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