Friday’s ootd: blog worthy

There’s honestly so many things that I’m itching to post and write! Unfortunately at the moment, my free time is limited. Yes I should have posted Tuesday but then again.. that math homework was pretty important! Anyway… I’ll be publishing a post for my two thanksgiving outfits this weekend since I have two dinners to attend. For now, I thought I’d share my ootd that I got numerous compliments from on.


Jean shirt: H & M

White tee-shirt: Ardenes

Camo jeans: Urban Behaviour

Shoes: Ardenes

Necklace: Urban Planet

Most of these clothing items are fairly mainstream and can be found virtually anywhere. I got this outfit from online inspiration  and it gave me a blogger feel! Anyway, goos night to everyone heading to bed and wishing everyone else a wonderful day 🙂



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