Inspiration: Inspiring you to sleep more?

Tonight’s honestly been one of the most relaxing week nights I’ve had in awhile. With that said, I’d love if each and every one of you were relaxed too. Since my blog’s name does include “inspire”, and I haven’t seemed to display anything inspiring, I’d like to change that up. How about inspiring you to sleep more?

A blog post about sleep? Boring right? Well,not so much actually. Did you know that your brain doesn’t shut off when you sleep? Not only that, but you cycle through four stages (Non-REM 1, Non-REM 2, Non-REM 3 & REM sleep) before you wake up. Quick side note, REM stands for rapid eye movement for anyone wondering. So your eyes are basically dancing while you sleep! Everyone has an internal circadian clock that delegates the amount of time these stages take. Another important part of sleeping is dreaming. You don’t just dream for no reason, dreams are actually necessary and really important to have. What’s also cool is the fact that dreams act as a safety valve for wish fulfillment and fantasies that wouldn’t happen in real life. Lastly, did you know that your brain is powerful enough to keep your body practically paralyzed while you sleep? For instance, have you ever had a dream where you’re running and throwing something. Well, a part of your brain prevents your body from actually moving while you dream of these actions. Anyway, now that I’ve bored you with this psychology lesson, hopefully something was learned.

But in all seriousness, sleep is much more important then you may think. Sleeping allows us to recuperate by restoring and repairing brain tissues. Think of it as going to the spa, except for your brain, it gives the same outcome, you feeling refreshed and better. Sleeping also allows us to think creatively and have a more active long term memory. As well, a hormone called cortisol also increases when you’re sleep deprived which tells the body to make fat. Yes, having little sleep can not only decrease your grades, but can cause weight gain!!

With all that said, doesn’t it sound like a good idea to get enough sleep? Even though it’s something hard to go to bed early and stay off electronics (the artificial light can alter circadian cycle), it’s so important to get at least 8 hours of sleep. Anyway, I won’t ramble on anymore, but I thought I’d share. So go to bed!!!!!


For now, I’m going to go to bed early for once. Goodnight,

♥ Brookie

Who would have thought that putting your head on your pillow and closing your eyes aids in helping not only your brain, but your grades and mood.


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