2015 Fall Essentials


Yesterday was the Autumnal Equinox, better know as the first day of Autumn. Depending on where you live it will differ, but us Canadians have entered this time of the year and even the Google homepage was evident to that! It’s time to pull out all those cute sweaters and pumpkin spice scented candles. To make this season enjoyable, think of little things pertaining to fall that’ll make you smile. I know that I love to simply walk down the road with colored leaves falling around me, eating the first slice of pumpkin pie and cuddling up with a blanket & a cup of tea. Not only is it a good idea to mentally prepare for autumn, it’s also a good idea to gather up and know the right fall essentials.


black dress outfit
Dress: Joe ll Jean jacket: thrift store! ll Scarf: Old Navy ll Boots: Payless Shoes

casual outfit
Jacket: the tag is off & it was a gift ll Shirt: Ardene ll Jeans: Old Navy ll Bag: my mom’s closet

white jeans outfit
Shirt & Jeans: Ardene ll Ring: Michael Hill ll Shoes: (can’t be seen) Payless Shoes ll Jacket: I’d wear a leather one

This super fluffy infinity scarf that I purchased from Old Navy last year has definitely made an appearance with my outfits lately. I highly recommend purchasing one for yourself if you like to wear scarves!

flannel  camo pant outfit

Two other clothing must haves would have to be flannels, I personally love bigger ones that are comfy, and a pair of camo pants are definitely nice to have your wardrobe!

Fall Décor


Like myself, my room is still going through the fall transition. As a quick, throw-on-the-dresser type thing, I placed a fall themed box that I made last year. If you don’t want to spend a dime, gather up a recycled box and use any paint & stickers around the house. I also spray painted leaves and used them as stamps. Currently I don’t have it on my dresser, but I also put some brightly colored leaves in a mason jar and I added some autumn colored candies! They are called tear drop candies and a word of caution, they’re super sour!! I’ll be DIY’ing a few others things and I’ll be sure to make a post in the near future for that.



Lastly, I gathered an assortment of essentials that I thought are worth sharing for this season. Little black booties are a must, because they go with everything and so is having a cute sweater (love the crocheted bottom). The nail polishes aren’t my favorites but I love the colors which you can find at many different places. The little brown thing in the middle is gold dust which I like to use sometimes so my face doesn’t look super pale and to make it shimmer. The brown bottle is shower gel, but it has a cocoa bean scent, the scrunchies are great to spice up ponytails and the necklace has arrows on it, but I love the design.

As some of you may know, this blog post was done as a collab with Brittany Fenton where she shared her Spring Essentials. I love love love her blog because it’s super cute and she has some great posts! Be sure to check out her blog which I’ll link to her Essentials picture below as well as a link will be typed below that. As well, she’s a Youtuber so make sure to check out her channel.


Brittany’s Blog: http://brittanyfenton.blogspot.ca/

Talk to you next Tuesday,

♥ Brookie


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